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There was a time when these were used mainly as an aid to sales and covered many sports and other things such as cars, planes and trains even works of art and historical characters. If my memory serves me right they were also issued by purveyors of other products such as tea so they must have been a good way to increase sales - now they are still a collectors item and some of the rare editions are worth a small fortune. Fortunately the sport of speedway did not miss out and there are cards depicting riders from very early in the sports British history. It is my opinion that these cards form a part of the history of the sport of speedway and their existence shows the important part our sport formed in the everyday life of people at that time.

To my knowledge only two tobacco manufactures issued these cards Player’s whose complete set had 50 cards and Ogden who had a set of 25.

Well it seems my last statement could not be more wrong, Neil Reynolds writes -

“You are very, very wrong. I am an avid collector of cigarette cards featuring Speedway and Dirt Track riders; the Players and Ogdens sets are the most common but there are dozens more, including two sets by J A Pattreiouex (50 Dirt Track Riders (1929) and 54 Dirt Track Riders (1930)), Godfrey Phillips BDV Package Issue 21 Speedway Riders (1932) and numerous sets of Sporting Champions, Kings of Speed, Sports Personalities etc etc which contained one or more speedway riders”

Neil Reynolds has been kind enough to send me a list of all cards issued either whole sets of speedway riders or items and other that include speedway riders.

Neil asks me to ask you if anyone has any cards for sale, particularly Joseph Doyle examples then please let me know and I will pass it onto Neil - Find my email here

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