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White City


Said to have been a large stadium with a capacity to accommodate 70,000 spectators. First sport into the venue was greyhound racing having the first meeting April 1928 with a Ruby match between England and Wales staged in November followed in short order by the first speedway (dirt track) event that took place on Boxing Day, the Cardiff City Trophy won by “Champ” Upham in front of 25,000 spectators.

A concern called Provincial Dirt-Tracks (Cardiff) Ltd, some how managed to stage 55 meetings during 1929, the first being on the 12th January. Apparently the track grading equipment was a very large brush drawn by a horse.

Jack Lyons a member of the South Wales Riders’ Union became general manager and secretary in 1930 but surprisingly following a year when 55 dirt track meetings were held there was only one staged during this year. There followed three years when no meetings were held at all and then in October 1934 a further speedway meeting was held, a charity event benefiting the Cardiff Royal Infirmary, the gate was said to be 3,000.

In 1935 a series of open meeting were held, seemingly they were very profitable and possible that fact encouraged the Greyhound Racing Association of South Wales decision to encourage the staging of the sport of speedway. The track was widened and banking added - unfortunately their efforts were in vain and the Cardiff team that had joined the National League at the start of the 1936 season only completed 9 meetings before resigning from the league. It appears that the cost of league racing had a good deal to do with this decision and it was decided not to run further speedway meeting for the foreseeable future.

24th July 1937 and the final speedway meeting was held, an open event. In the same year the original syndicate that built the stadium made an application to join the Rugby Football League, it was refused.

The venue was sold to Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds steel works in 1937

By Jackie Hodkinson

Believe this to be a photograph of the track but both the above and the programme have been sent to me at some stage and unfortunate I do not have the name of the donator. Let me know and I will credit you.

Much of the information was gleaned from the book Home of British Speedway.

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