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18th February 2018
Amy Winship writes:

My grandfather William Barber (Bill) just died on Monday and we were googling around to see if we could find him and any information about his speedway and grasstrack career. Your website was the only hit we got, he is listed under his racing name Danny Finn and there is an entry about the Finn Jap GT motorcycles he used to build. The last one of which, on which he placed second in his final race at the age of 80, is still in the garage behind his house.

I wondered if it was possible you had any more information about him and his career, and if we were able to find more information about his career it might be of interest to your museum?

Many thanks, Amy

E-mail Amy-Winship@live.co.uk

INFORMATION Re: Ronald (Ronny) Crozier Hilary

17th February 2018

From Andrew Smith

I'm looking to understand more about my grandfather, who is alleged to have riden speedway for Wembley Lions in the pre-war years.

We believe he was at the opening of the Wembley (Empire) pool next to the stadium in 1934, (and apparently was thrown into the water when it opened), so some time around that era.

We knew him as Ronald (Ronny) Crozier Hillary, who hailed from the north east of England, in County Durham.

Any help in proving or disproving where and when he rode, would be most helpful.

Thanks, Andrew Smith.

Mail: smithyandy1968@gmail.com?

John Hyam writes:

I understand from Andrew Smith who was inquiring about this possible 1930s rider at Wembley that there is a possibility he may also have had links to Belle Vue in this period.


15th February 2018
From Elaine Melville nee Glennon

Hi I have just come across your website whilst searching for information on my dad Eddie Glennon.

It will be the 50th anniversary of my dads death in July and I would love to hear from anyone who knew him.  I did do some research a few years ago and was lucky enough to receive a fabulous photo and letter from Ivan Mauger which holds pride of place in my house, along with other letters from Bill Bridget and some fans who remembered my dad.  I know live in Sydney with my family and they love hearing stories.  I would love to see if I could get hold of a programme for the England v Russia meet for the night he was killed on the way home.  Thanks Elaine


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28th November 2017


I am interested in researching speedway riders who may at one time have been racehorse jockeys. I think the legendary pioneer American star Lloyd 'Sprouts’ Elder may have been before he became too tall! In years from 1946 a couple of names I have are Ralph Horne (Belle Vue, Sheffield and Coventry and the New Zealander Bill Andrew.

Please reply to John Hyam by email

16th December 2017


I am looking for information on former jockey Ralph Horne who switched to speedway between 1945 and 1953.

All I now is that in this period he was linked to Belle Vue, Coventry, Sheffield, Belfast and Wigan.

What I would like is some background to his speedway career please.

Please reply to John Hyam by email

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