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The Stadium

Opening meeting on the 6th April 1931 drew a good crowd if several thousand to this scratch event, won by Jack “Chap” Upham. The track was by all accounts very large for dirt track racing, in fact, said to be one of Britain’s biggest.

It was not till May that the first greyhound racing took place and I do wonder if the dirt track racing and the greyhound racing took place on the same track as no further dirt track took place that year.

1932 and five more dirt track meetings took place. The first was in May and some of the events had tote betting, this must have proved a success as the following meeting had betting on every event. The last dirt track meeting took place on the 16th July and has not been seen there since although many other sports have used the venue since and The Caerphilly Rugby Club had a pitch in a small area of the site into the new century and possible still does.

Had hoped to find a photo of the track and stadium but could not find one, the one I have shows the site in a derelict state.

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